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Granola and Bubbles

I was given a Vacation gift today from my buddy Liam and my buddy, his mom, Karen.

Have you ever encountered words that seem to have never been combined in the history of the English language. I do all the time. If you run Granola and Bubbles through a Google search now, it will arrive here at this post.

I also received this great card from the Ockander family today and I was able to tell the kids mom Summer to Have a great Summer, Summer. Planned it all week :-)

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Earth Roamer

I pulled up behind this very cool vehicle today in the Brolums parking lot. It was gathering a lot of attention, along with me and my camera.

I’d never heard of this vehicle before, so I looked it up Here.

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What Is It?

There’s an interesting type of animal living here in the valley. We first spotted one running across Stateline Rd, on the way to my sisters house last Mothers Day.

I encountered another one today where we park our buses. He scampered across the yard and crawled into a pipe (third from right, on the bottom). I zoomed in…

Update: Went back to the base after this post and there he was, posing…

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Summer Notebook

Sometimes the smallest gesture can make your day. I dropped off my Tanner girl today, out in the Tetonia sticks. This was her graduation day and her last day of high school…

I’ve been transporting this young lady for about six years now and I’ve become friends with her parents. Mom gave me this great little notebook today for my trip (along with a gift certificate to Cocoa Grove). Thanks guys! Have a great summer :-)

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Rileys Fire Pit

Riley and a buddy, along with his father-in-law Ray, whipped up a sweet fire pit in their backyard this weekend. Very well constructed I must say. It looks terrific!

He and Jake made one for us, in our back forty a few years back, but it’s ghetto compared to this :-) I’ll be in Kent, WA next Sunday and I’m bringing marshmallows.

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Cool Places

I’ve been putting a lot of work into a program that presents lists of places, by state and category, that display on a Google map. You can load it up Here!

This is really a personal assistant to facilitate my travels this summer but if you venture out into the Western States you might find it of value.

Here’s an example of California State Parks:

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Pipes Nap

Words needed? Nope.

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Presidential Pins

Here’s some Presidential Pins I just created and posted on Pinterest. Click the photos:

Barack and Michelle, homeless in Kenya…
Bill and Hillary, back when Bill had balls and Hillary had boobs…
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Real Cola Taste

Humm… The sights I see from my perch in the Broulims parking lot!

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Loud Snow

There was a somewhat strange occurrence on our deck yesterday. It’s not unusual to get snow this time of year, but this one was wet and noisy!

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Summer Ride

Here’s my new truck. It’s a 1988 Mazda B2200 extended cab with 87K miles. Riley and his buddy installed a new timing belt along with points, plugs, rotor etc…

Tires are next, maybe a new battery. Steph’s creating black curtains all the way around and I’ll be putting a foam bed in, along with camping equipment.

It’s a 5-speed so the mileage should be great. Interior pictures forthcoming.

I love my old truck Jack but there’s no place to sleep, and he only gets 10 mpg…

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Bus Eclectic

Riley called me from Seattle and demanded that I drive to Broulims, buy a can of black olives (which I despise) and consume them. My son is an Old Soul, so I obeyed him.

Then, my guardian angel snapped a picture of me driving, from the floor of my bus. Not sure what he’s trying to tell me but it’s an interesting shot, that I didn’t take :-)

And finally, here I am trying to take out a lopsided potato truck, with my laser gun…

SlideShow (Bus Eclectic)

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Baby Robin

Despite Magpies, Ravens and a cat named Piper, we’ve raised another Robin family.

They use the same tree every year and it’s the babies from the previous year that return to make new babies. I have this birds great-descendant somewhere on my hard-drive.

The birds also have no fear of humans when they first leave the nest, letting me get up close and personal. Piper’s been kept in all day as they scamper around…

p.s. There’s four babies…

Update: Found one of their grandparents…

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The Davis Kids

This is Steph’s mom (Betty) with uncles and aunt. The picture was shot in 1946.

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When Jims Gone

I keep hearing this phrase around the house lately when Steph is talking on the phone. “When Jim’s gone I’m going to blah, blah, blah“…

This is the kind of stuff she’s going to do: A basket for our pregnant friend Mandy.

And many more crafty things, I’m sure…

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