Summer Ride

Here’s my new truck. It’s a 1988 Mazda B2200 extended cab with 87K miles. Riley and his buddy installed a new timing belt along with points, plugs, rotor etc…

Tires are next, maybe a new battery. Steph’s creating black curtains all the way around and I’ll be putting a foam bed in, along with camping equipment.

It’s a 5-speed so the mileage should be great. Interior pictures forthcoming.

I love my old truck Jack but there’s no place to sleep, and he only gets 10 mpg…

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4 Responses to Summer Ride

  1. Beautiful truck. Stay safe sleeping in it. Have a great time.

  2. Dave Atlas says:

    Cool rig, Jim. I had a 1987 Mazda B200, bought new and I sold (and regret) in 2006(over 200,000 miles and running strong). I had a sweet camping setup- I had curtains made, a raised plywood bed to sleep on and storage underneath (with portholes to get a stuff stored), a foam bed I could fold up. The shell was insulated, so I could hang a lantern and heat it to comfort even in the winter- I spent many a night camping in the parking lot of ski areas. Is this the rig you are going to travel in this summer?

  3. Jim says:

    Hey Dave! Yep, this is my summer travel rig. The raised plywood floor is a great idea! It has wheel wells on both sides and I was just going to put the foam in between them and figure out storage later. It’s also an extended cab so it will seat four (a little cramped in the back :-) or just plenty of space for stuff.

    Late eighties Mazda’s are amazing. Our sedan Lucy is an 87 626-LX with over 250,000 on her. I expect to extend the 87K on my new truck well into six figures.

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