Pimps Gang

I ran into Bobbi the Pimp and three of her gang at Senior Meals today. Quiet Jim was there along with Steady Wes and Smiley Pat. The other four were back at the hangout.

Not sure what The Pimp has in mind for these nefarious rascals…

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U.S. Crime

These are 2011 stats compared to 2007… :-(

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Halloween Treats 2

I’ve got a bunch of new kids this year ranging from pre-school through six grade. I also have some veterans who remember last years candy handout.

Steph has whipped up a new batch of treats and I set the box on the floor by my seat this morning. The look on my kids faces as they boarded the bus was priceless. They knew these little bundles had to be for them! They each got one as they left the bus.

Once again, Steph does all the work and I get all the love :-)

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Movies & DVDs

Hmmm, must be Sunday! I’ve been hunkered down in the cave writing code again. No shower for the second straight day, the SeaHawks lost and Steph is sleeping in the Family Room with the cat so probably no dinner unless I make it!

Life is cool though because I’ve created these content pages for everything video:


  • Box Office
  • In Theaters
  • Opening
  • Upcoming

  • Current Releases
  • New Releases
  • Top Rentals

  • Netflix
  • Amazon
  • Hulu

These links are available anytime from the Hollywood Function on your right…

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When I got home from work yesterday I discovered this electrical cord extending from the kitchen to the family room. Strange, since the only one home all day was Piper…

Very puzzling! So is the little thing I whipped up below. Drag and drop the letters to solve it.

Hint: It’s the name of a hugely popular blog. Once you solve it, you must watch the video below!

The corresponding article to this video is here, and you can listen to the father of Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods, who died in Benghazi, here.

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I called our sprinkler system guy a couple of weeks ago about blowing out our lines but he’s been busy and still hasn’t made it here. The water needs to be expelled under pressure to keep the lines from freezing during winter. I’m assuming he’s accomplished at performing this service with snow on the ground.

Hopefully I’m not assuming too much. You think? gulp

Oh well, it’s 12 degrees right now, not too far below freezing :-)

Sunday update: Snow is melting, it’s warming up and the sprinkler guy will be here tomorrow. I talked to him yesterday and everything is cool :-)

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The Blur

Piper knows that winter is closing in around us like a white vice. Her carefree days of lounging in the sun, owning the yard and terrifying rodents pretty much ended today as the snow accumulated in the yard and on her deck.

She remembers last winter where I used to play with her in my office throughout the cold nights before we went to bed. It was great therapy for her and I tried it tonight.

It entertained her for a bit but then I crawled under the footstool to check her out. My poor little baby looks so sad!
It’s going to be a long winter…

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Dusting Plus

I was driving home into our sub-division this afternoon and couldn’t help but notice Fred’s Mountain (Grand Targhee Ski Resort). It looks like it’s here… Snow, skiing, icy roads, driveway shoveling, windshield scraping, frozen hands and one sweet little cat that ain’t going to be able to hunt!

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Silver Star

Silver Star is our local phone and internet provider. They’ve served up my land-line and internet connection for the last seven years. Good people.

I drive by this sign North of Victor several times a day and haven’t been able to wrap my head around it. Now that an image of it is firmly planted in the Flickr cloud, I get it.

Each element represents an eight character personalized Idaho license plate. Duh…

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Weather Widget

I hunkered down in the man-cave yesterday and whipped up the time/date and temperature box on your right. The code extracts the current weather from the excellent Yahoo! service, based on the zip code I provide. A problem I encountered is that I know my zip, but I don’t know yours! I’m sure you could care less what my current temp is.

I needed a service that would tell me what your zip code is based on your IP address, and I found it. It’s a free service from an outfit named IPInfoDB. I can now get your zip when you visit here and then provide your current temperature.

Let me know via comments here how it works or if there are any issues. Hover your mouse over the temperature to see the location and zip. Also, with all of the fine weather data I’m gathering for your location, a new function is in the works :-)

Update: The function is ready and selectable from the sidebar as Your Weather.

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Kia Cruising

Had a busy day with the kids yesterday. We cruised around Alta showing off my sisters house and rental properties, introduced Jess to the family, stopped by Dave’s new house and drove to Jackson. Some observations: the Kia handled the pass easily and the off season is a good time to visit Jackson, not another person in the antler photo!

Jackson was looking colorful,

Dave discovered a previously unknown dungeon under his house,

and the Alta hills were glowing!
We finished up the day having dinner with sis at the Royal Wolf.

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Poker Party

Riley was telling me last night that I taught him all the cool manly things as he was growing up, like pool and poker. Now I can’t beat him at either :-)

But he can’t dance to Steely Dan like I can!
Yea, Riley won, even the girly necklace. I did win Pass The Pigs though…

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Mesa Falls 2

Took off down to Rexburg this morning, grabbed some ammo for Riley’s odd caliber rifle and went to the range. Two sore shoulders later Riley turned over the Kia keys to me and we headed North.

Since I was driving and we had no agenda I took them up to Mesa Falls. Their vehicle is a 2013 Kia Optima SX with all the trimmings. Very sweet! Kia has come a long way from those little economy cars they started with.

Mesa Falls was beautiful as always… The kids were looking pretty good too.

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A gorgeous car pulled into our driveway yesterday afternoon carrying a couple of equally good looking young people. Riley and Jessica have arrived! This is Jess’s first trip to the Tetons and after enjoying back ribs in homemade sauce along with my barbeque beans from scratch, Steph’s potato salad and an evening in the hot tub under a brilliant clear starry night, I think she likes it!

Today we shoot guns…

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