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I got the results of my DNA testing back today. I don’t quite know what to make of them yet, but here they are:

I also thought I had Native American blood in me, obviously I was wrong…

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New Sign

There’s a new sign in town, right off Main St in front of the Community Center. A good sign says a thousand words so there’s nothing more for me to say here…

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Seattle Steph

Steph got back from visiting family and grand-kids in Washington state last night so I used my blazingly fast new computer and my well established tools to whip up a 72 image montage of her trip. Click the photo below to see it:

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Sleep Settings

I tweaked my sleeping arrangement today. My main pet peeve was that I couldn’t lay on my back and point my toes upward because the blankets were too heavy, so I built a foot bridge at the bottom.

My pet Piper’s peeve was that she’s getting too old and fat to easily jump up on to her bed (the blue thing) so I built her a launching pad next to the treadmill.

The shotgun is ready, the rope that pulls the door shut after Piper opens it, is set, and the electric blanket is on. We can’t wait to climb into bed tonight…

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Oh My

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One day back in the very early nineties I was out on a charter boat in Puget Sound WA, salmon fishing with a couple of guys named Mark. One was the guy who wrote PC Paintbrush and the other was the CEO of his graphics company, ZSoft. They were in town for a big meeting with Microsoft over in Redmond and decided to grab their West Coast scanner developer (me) and get in some fishing beforehand.

The next day they dropped by my place in Kent after their meeting and installed some proprietary software on my computer, given to them by Microsoft. It was the beta version of Windows 3.1, the multitasking beauty that changed computing forever. I just wanted to establish my cred here before I start dissing Microsoft.

I initially went with the default Win 10 install on my new box but after a lot of crap uninstalls and heavy tweaking I broke their Store which meant I couldn’t download the new driving game (Forza Horizon 3) that I bought on sale from them. So, I just formatted the SID and installed a squeaky clean version of Windows 10, which I should have just done in the first place.

Two things have occurred which has prompted this post. First off, I used PayPal to buy the game. That’s my slush fund for incidentals and I use it a lot. This morning I discovered that Microsoft bypassed PayPal and went straight into my checking account (which is linked to PayPal) and deducted the money from there instead! Are you kidding me!!! I didn’t even know that was possible.

Than, while I was downloading the game, I noticed that they had slipped in a couple of other downloads that I didn’t request, CandyCrush and MineSweeper. Again, are you kidding me!!! Obviously I canceled them but what the hell is going on with Microsoft?

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Aegis 3

I had a very productive day yesterday porting my tools over to the new rig. I just grabbed Steph’s little camera (she’s got mine in Washington) and shot a quick video to test out my video editor, which you can watch here.

And yes, the computer is breathing…

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New Box

There’s nothing better in my little tech book than to setup a brand new computer and then do a blog post about it, with it.

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I wake up at 0425 every morning these days, flat on my back. Piper is always nestled against the side of my left leg as I gently push her aside and spread my naked legs as wide as I can. I pull my arms from beneath the covers and extend them outward, stretching my body hard and holding it there while I give thanks to the universe for allowing me the privilege of living another day.

My body feels really good to me lately. It feels happy and healthy so whatever I’m doing, it’s working. I offer up my gratitude for that and include thanks for the many things I have: a home, a partner, a cat, a job, family and a sweet old truck.

Lately, before I push Piper off the bed as I get up, I’ve been asking “god” if he’s willing to give me one more shot of “power”, like the one he gave me back in the early nineties while I was driving down the back road looking for a tree to crash into as a way to end my homelessness and despair.

I vividly remember his words “I’m giving you some power” and the burst of energy that entered the top of my head. It changed my life and allowed me to be here now. I used to think that the purpose was to be there as a dad for Riley, but now I see that Riley was simply another gift to make me a better man.

I feel like I’m on the cusp of something great, an intended consequence of that burst of power. My body and mind are prepared, for something. I also know I’m being lazy asking for more, another burst to put me over the edge into a new consciousness of acceptance and understanding of my fellow man.

But I know in my heart it can’t come from god, it has to come from within me.

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The List

I just realized that I have more new code that I haven’t shared with the world yet. I call it The List and it offers a live interface to TetonPath, along with the ability to edit the database if you know the password.

The main categories (like Banking and Dining) launch right into the specific Category set of TetonPath while the individual links go right to the business as a map with info display.

The categories not highlighted just mean that there’s nothing there yet but as soon as there is, the listings will appear.

There’s lots to see in this app and I encourage you to check it out. Just click on the image to the right here, to open it up. Enjoy!

btw: Here’s what the New Record screen looks like, along with a small map that you can drag around to plug in lat/lngs automatically.

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This is my latest Eclipse tool, Pahth. Yea, another cool little five character domain name, with some great code backing up a functional site. Just another day’s work, keeps my brain as healthy as my body…

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Puff Quilt

It’s a pretty colorful evening around the house tonight, Steph’s got her Puff Quilt project spread out across the dining room table and I’ve got my own weird stuff going on in my office.

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