On Her Chair

Piper has quite the morning routine. At 0400 with the moon shining bright through my bedroom window I hear that meow. If I ignore her she jumps up on my tall bed (which is getting harder for her every day) and walks over my body. She waits patiently while I do my stretch and prayers and then we head to the kitchen. Piper likes to walk (waddle) in front of me as if she’s leading me.

I start the coffee, turn on my computer, open the garage door and flash the driveway lights to scare off any large animals and out she scampers. When she comes back in she gets her gravy, her stomach massage, her back brushed, her treats, her lap time, and then off to bed on her chair where she sleeps the rest of the day.

Which strongly begs the question “Who’s got who trained“?

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