Local Flavor

I love fruit, especially bananas and strawberries, and I like to dip them in good tasting healthy stuff. This weeks treat is local grown honey and sweet potato butter from the cool Amish folks who ride their horse-drawn wagons around town.

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One of the trees in my backyard deposited this on the lawn. I don’t know what kind of nuts these are but I’m really sure I don’t want to eat them…

btw: that’s a drink coaster underneath.

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Little Falls

This is just a nice little lake with an overflow.

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My ancestors migrated to the Deep South from Europe back in the 17th century. That’s what my DNA says. I’m now living in the area that my ancestors founded. Damn!

This was not intentional. I guess somebody up there wanted it to happen…

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New Station

Life changes, so does your workstation…

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The Best

This reminds me of the first time I tasted hormone free – free range chicken, it’s the way it used to be. I just bought and installed into my setup the best PC keyboard in the world, by most counts, the Corsair K70 RGB mk.2 mechanical gaming keyboard. It has real keys that feel like the best of the many mechanical keyboards I have used over the decades. Real keys made with state of the art components.

This keyboard is a premium mechanical gaming keyboard with an aluminum frame, 100% cherry mx key-switches and per-key dynamic back-lighting. It has a braided cable coming out of the back which contains the USB 3.0 connection and a 2.0 pass-through. They had me at the cable…

  ↑ Yep, that’s the space bar.

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Yellow Rock Bridge

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Deep South

You move from a pretty place and you don’t know what to expect. Well, the Deep South is holding it’s own so far.

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Spacing: Using space efficiently and creatively, without preconceived bounds. I’ve really been spacing out lately and my latest contraption was a piece of insulation that I’ve been hauling around waiting for just the right moment that has transformed an old stove-top into a clean and tidy little workspace for food and Cuisinart prep.

When ready to cook, I set it aside. I used the whole setup today for my first Idaho Stew, a recipe I perfected from over a decade in Idaho. It came out great.

Our local tap water is not an acceptable consumption option for me. So, in the spirit of Spacing I bought a water dispenser from Amazon that arrived in 1.5 days which attaches to the top of a big water bottle. Push the button on top to start, push again to stop…

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Just Net

All you really need these days is a good solid connection to the Net and a decent pipe. The first thing I did was install a top tier VPN. My IP address is now pointing to someplace I’m not. I then changed the default Name Servers to point to CloudFlare’s faster, privacy-first consumer DNS Servers. This means I don’t have to go through the Net provider to resolve an internet address. These two things combined offer me a huge amount of anonymity and an overall speed bump.

From this tweaked pipe I drive my computer, my VoIP phone with a Google Voice number, my Echo and associated tablets, and my TV for Prime, Netflix and YouTube.

I’ve been testing out YouTube TV and I like it. I get all of the local channels in the nearby big city market, Fox News, plus a bunch of other channels I may ultimately like, for $40 a month. It’s a month-to-month billing with no contract so I can opt out whenever I wish.

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A hot sweaty guy with an extended basket gave me internet yesterday. The connection isn’t great and not bad. It’s about 10m less than what I’m used to, and the upload is lame, but my computer and devices are finally together again. It was like Piper re-connecting with the stuff from her old house, she knew she was home.

The town I live in consolidates your most needed services into one bundle: water, electricity, natural gas, sewage and waste disposal. You’re billed once a month and you make a single payment for what you’ve used among the mix. All my eggs in one basket.

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More Yard

Grabbed my camera today and walked out into the big yard. The story is, it was a once bustling subdivision until the flood wiped out all but the remaining houses on the street. HUD condemned it and most was turned into public park while the area lower left was bought by my landlord for private family gatherings. Don’t you just love the Deep South!

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Pipers Yard

This is the space that Piper gets to roam.

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Hello, it’s been a while since I plastered my life up here on the blog. Guess it’s bout time. I drove a 20′ U-Haul full of stuff from Driggs, ID, across the Heartland of America to a location in the Deep South. I than caught a greyhound bus back to Driggs, whereupon I proceeded to drive myself and Piper (with Steph on my tail) back to the Deep South in my truck and then Piper and I moved into my new sweet little place. Steph is diving deep into her daughters life while I’m diving deep into my own.

I have to say, hot damn! I made some dramatic decisions and I stuck with them. I approached the situation strong, healthy and determined. As a result I accomplished all of my goals. I couldn’t ask for a better place to land. I absolutely love where I’m living right now, and Piper is on my desk within inches of my fingers as I type this…

The view from my assembled computer station was so terrific that I couldn’t block it with a monitor. That space is now Pipers and mine to share.

Thank you God.

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My Life

I’ve managed to compress my stuff down to a few boxes. Add in a couple of desks, a computer, a tv and a mattress, and you have my life in a nut sack.

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