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My Neck

… of the woods.

Here’s a view of Teton Valley.

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Devils Tower

Captured this shot from my new map app, with a bit of pitch and bearing adjustment, and ran it through a paint algorithm. The devil made me do it…

Here’s a softer look:

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Stewper Bowl

Nothing like a pot of stew for the Stupid Bowl…

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I eat one orange, one avocado and one banana every morning. I’ve been doing this seven days a week for the last few years and as such I consider myself pretty experienced with these three fruits.

Bananas you can’t go wrong with, I like them with streaks of green. Avocados are all about color and feel, and it’s almost a religious ritual as I peruse the fruit section, looking for the right color and confirming my selection with a slight squeeze. Oranges on the other hand are my nemesis.

Sometimes the palest little guy has just the right feel, separates easily from a thin peel and tastes great. Sometimes they look terrific with a bright orange color but then you cut into them and they look like a pathetic piece of genetically engineered crap…

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Time Is Now

I was sitting off Bates Road today at 1105 getting ready to pick up the little old lady down the road, and I was thinking about the past. How many moments in my life have I looked around and wondered how the hell did I arrive here. All of those moments were very real and very now, and now they mean nothing. Soon, so will this…

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Medusa won the Ice Sculpture contest…

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The Pioneer Hotel is my favorite place to stay when I’m hanging out in Laughlin, NV.

…tiles by MapBox and Leaflet, streetview by Google
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Ice Sculpts

We swung by the Ice Sculpts after shopping this morning and I took a few shots. They were still working on them so we passed on the voting but after putting this post up, I go with Medusa. Click on her to see the rest…

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Trailer Moose

Spotted this young moose munching branches in the Trailer Park this morning.

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