I’ve been asked lately how retirement is going? Well, it’s great, thank you. I’m doing all the things I like to do like weight-lifting on the deck semi-naked under a warm sun, driveway dancing to a Seattle radio station blasting from my Echo, driving to town for my fruit, watching Netflix, evening ab-workouts and playing with my cat. All without the complications of working at an 0700 to 1600 job!

I’m really kinda amazed at how easily I’ve adapted. My time is now mine, not somebody else’s. I make my own schedule, not follow the one dictated by a stupid tablet in that rolling office called a bus.

Moving sale coming up in a couple of weeks and then hopping back in the river for the next float. Glad to be alive!

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  1. I have a year and five months left and than I will be retired too. Can’t wait. congrats on FINALLY saying adios/kiss my ass to TRPTA.

  2. It’s taken a while to get used to not going to work every day. Ok, I’m over that… It’s Monday morning, I’m at a campground in Lava Hot Springs, and there’s no work on my mind. Zip, nada, zero 😎

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