Well, it’s over, yesterday was my last day as Bus Driver Jim and I am retired. I have to admit though, that I came home last night with a heavy heart. Not that it’s over but that it all seems so futile now. Day after day, year after year of dragging myself out of the house every morning to start up a bus in frigid weather and drive people around this valley safely and on time, apparently had no value to this hell hole they call Paradise.

That’s alright, I’m a big boy and I accept that. It was my job to get the valley’s precious, pretentious, over-entitled kids to their gymnastics and rock climbing appointments. I got paid to be the bitch to seniors that rode free, and if they pissed on my seats or stunk up my bus, it was my duty to clean it up without complaining.

I’ve driven the bus here for twelve of our thirteen years in the valley. I look back on it now with bitterness instead of happiness and that’s very sad. My employer TRPTA has been good to me and I appreciate that but I no longer work for them. I have tempered each blog post through the filter of my job and I couldn’t always say what I really thought about things around here because of that relationship, which is now over.

I am now free to speak my mind, so stay tuned…

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  1. Skoge says:

    Really, working for someone else and getting them rich at your expense SUCKS! Now that you’re retired you won’t have to deal with the annoying crotchety old person any more, and become one yourself. Make your trainee drive you around. Hope we see you this summer… Exit 90 Norwood off Hwy. 80 Reno.

    • Jim says:

      Very astute about having the trainee drive me around. I’ve been joking about it and could very easily become a client, but it just doesn’t feel right. I have this thing about not becoming a user… Look forward to seeing you this summer old friend.

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