Free White and 71

Well, I’ve certainly got the free part down. You’ve got to love a country that allows you to hop in your little freedom ride with a bed in the back and hit the road to anywhere you want to go. And man, am I white! When you walk around other people that look like they live in the desert, (I guess because they do), you sure feel a touch out of place. As to the 71, I figured I better hurry up and do this post now, just saying…

I ate a great chili dog tonight at a Wienerschnitzel (remember those). It was a Chicago style, beef dog, with chili and onions, and jalapeƱos. After that I stopped at a Safeway (remember those) for tomorrows fruit, and cheese cake with coffee ice cream for tonights desert.

I also started on my tan so when I hit the Pioneer pool tomorrow I won’t blind anyone.

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