Knee Guard

Every road trip I take exposes weaknesses in my travel system, and I like to fix those when I return to base. My trucks tailgate performs two primary functions when deployed, a place to put my knee as I launch myself into the bed of my truck, and a place to set my ass while I converse with camp buddies, tan my body or watch a sunset over the Pacific Ocean. (Ok, haven’t done that for a while…)

Lately, the tailgate has been exposed in the raw form of it’s origin as just a piece of steel with indentations, hard on the knees and the ass. So today I bought a couple of rug things at the Dollar Store, hooked them up with the board that used to be there, and screwed them down. The result is a great addition to the system and Steph topped it off with little floor protectors over the bolts. Sweet!

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