I was out in the garage today thinking about getting my truck up to Victor tomorrow so that my buddy the locksmith Doug Aslin could help me secure my new canopy. I ran into him at the lumber yard when I was setting up the baseboard for my truck recently and he looked at the locks and said he could help.

I had my scanner out in the garage today because, well, I’ve become addicted to knowing what’s going on in our Valley and I heard the Sheriff in the Broulims parking lot concerned about a pooch (i.e. dog, Tony’s from New York) locked up in a car. Hey, it was 78° and people leave their dogs in their vehicles all the time around here, but…

He wanted to break into the car and free the dog so he asked dispatch to call the locksmith. Her response was “Doug’s out of town”. Wait a minute, that’s my locksmith and he was my plans for tomorrow!

Hmmm, the dog issue got resolved when the owners came out of the store from shoping and I was left scratching my bald head wondering what to do now…

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