The word reflection is a homonym, one with multiple meanings, and to me it means two things: Looking at my current life and reflecting on the decisions I make every moment, and looking at my nose reflecting in the mirror, reflecting on the ever improving healthy state of my liver and my body in general.

Tonight I do both with intensity and passion. I just finished my 30-30 workout (30-minute treadmill at 3.0 mph followed by 30 of my special ab-routines), looked at my nose, and praised myself out loud for not breaking down and driving to the liquor store for a Friday night binge. In fact, it will be three months without a drop come Oct, 15.

Now I can sit here alone with my blog, which I almost accidently killed recently with more than six years of posts down the drain, and reflect on my life. I’m not totally alone, Piper is cruising along under my seat pimping me for treats, but Steph is gone, flown away on a big jet plane, and the house is dark and cold except for my warm little office.

Anyway, thanks for dropping by and checking in. Much appreciated.

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