Turkey vs Vegas

If I was debating the price points of two purchases I made today, the turkey would have won. I stopped by the Victor Valley Market this afternoon and ordered a fresh organic free-range turkey to be delivered next week. The 12 pound bird runs 4.59 a pound ($55).

Earlier in the day I was browsing hotel rates in Las Vegas for the heck of it and ran across room rates of $18.50 a night at the Riviera. I’m traveling south next week so I just had to buy two of them and plus tax it came to $41.

Steph’s boss laughed when he heard what I paid for a turkey. He said I should have just bought a tag, driven to Swan Valley and shot one. Well yea, that would have been the manly thing to do I suppose, but I’m saving my ammo for the zombie apocalypse.

As far as Vegas goes, I’ll be back home in time to enjoy that pricey bird.

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  1. Loving the rainbow. What beautiful colors it has in it. And I agree with Steph’s boss. You would have had a wonderful time running a bird down. And plucking it isn’t that hard. Next week is turkey time can hardly wait. Wendy got us a 21 lb. bird I’ll be cooking up . Of course it’s for a lot of people. Have a safe trip to Vegas..

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