I’ve created a very cool new app this weekend called TPVue. It was initially conceived as a utility for TetonPath but works great as a standalone app. It’s function is to show Google Maps Street Views of Teton Valley so that the millions of visitors showing up for the eclipse will be able to cruise around town before they arrive.

You can drag the PegMan around the top portion of the page and the streetview is shown below, from which you can adjust the heading and pitch as normal. If you click or drag on the upper map it will move to the nearest available streetview within 150 feet.

The Down button, upper left, will slide in the TetonPath database and present all of the current locations, from which you can click on any one to take you to that spot. Pretty cool huh! Click the Down button again to close the location box or click the Reset button next to it to reset the whole thing.

The heading will default to 0 (North) when you drag or click the map. I really wanted the heading to spin around and face a local business when you selected it, so I developed an algorithm to do just that. Sometimes my brain blows my own mind…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Awesome ! I was playing around with the program. Very cool!

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