I Cant Wait

Christmas is almost here and I’m so excited! It will be over. TGCIO. I was in Brolums today to pick out my turkey dinner and the place was a zoo. The delivery truck had arrived and the aisles were jammed with stockers and every resident of Teton Valley chose that time to go shopping.

People didn’t seem happy, just stressed and haggard. What the hell has this holiday become? I don’t know if you’ve picked up on it from earlier posts, but I’m boycotting the event this year, and I feel great about it.

There used to be some enjoyment when Steph and I exchanged gifts with my sisters side of the family but that was shut down a few years ago. As each subsequent christmas rolled around I began disliking it more and more. The only thing left was dinner at my sisters house on christmas day.

This year I’m even skipping that. I faced a tough decision in the store today, a Banquet turkey dinner for a buck and change or a Marie Callender for three and change. I splurged. Speaking of splurging I owe Steph a nice dinner for her recent birthday so I checked out the fancy joint up at Grand Targhee. They have a christmas eve special going on, for $50 bucks a head. Really? Curious as to what that kind of money would buy, I clicked on the menu page. It was a bad link! Are you kidding me?

Steph’s going to the sisters dinner and I will be all alone with the cat, a T.V. dinner and a bottle of whiskey. I can’t wait…

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  1. Why sorry? This is liberating! And Betty, I hate to tell you this but Santa, well, died yesterday coming out of bar in Yakutsk, Russia. He was at a holiday party where he got drunk and began threatening people. His hands and feet were tied with rope, his girlfriend tied her scarf around his mouth to stop him from yelling, and he was left outside. Investigation ongoing…

  2. It’s sad how Christmas has changed. In Wally world today and it was unbelievable. Christmas is for the kids,. And to remember the real reason for the celebration of the holiday. Time to boycott the big business and avoid the whole nightmare. Made it a simple Christmas this year for my two grand kids.

  3. Bah! Humbug! Too commercial. Time to be with the ones you love, read a good book and keep warm. Have a Restful, Keep Warm, Lazy Christmas Lopes.

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