I finally dragged my formally sick happy ass out of the valley today. There’s only so much intellectual stimulation the human brain can handle while at the same time putting a snot bucket on your desk underneath your nose while sipping hot lemon and honey brandy’s all day long.

As soon as I hit Newdale a blanket of heavy fog made driving just downright unpleasant so I skipped my trip to Idaho Falls, got my oil change in Rexburg and then made my supply stop at the worst Walmart in the Rockies. It seems like everything they have there is sitting in a discount bin.

On the way back I stopped to shoot the dry farms covered in very wet snow. The seed potatoes were snuggled all warm in their silos and everything was suddenly alright.

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  1. Betty says:

    That looks so empty out there. No trees to break the skyline. Oh well it’s still pretty. Snow drifts make everything look good.

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