Last Friday I got up from a nap after taking the afternoon off and getting the shopping done with Steph and as I was taking a leak I remembered some things I forgot in the store and the acronym started rolling around in my brain and a new program was conceived: Tifits.com

So, I did what I always do, check to see if the domain was available and sure enough, so I bought it. Here it is Monday night and it’s all coded up and ready…

It’s dead simple to use: Click the big Add button to Add a Store, click the Store name to add an Item. You can then delete Items and Stores with the Delete buttons.

There is no signup involved, no BS, just a nice little app to use on your phone or tablet to keep track of things you forgot in the store. It uses Local Storage so there’s no Cloud involved and your list is as private as your device. Click the image to check it out!

Update: I added an auto-sort feature so everything is sorted, you know, automatically…

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