Life Is A River

Life is a river that we float down until we drown. Occasionally we pull off into a new spot, set up our tent, explore, learn, and discover new things about ourselves. Hopefully when we pack up the tent and take off down to the next stop, we’re a better person than we were before.

My last two landings have been good ones. Two decades in the Seattle area taught me humility, how to lead, and how to be a dad. As I prepare to jump back in the river after thirteen years in Teton Valley I’m stone cold sober and in the best shape of my life.

Wow, I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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2 Responses to Life Is A River

  1. Skoge says:

    So, which River will you swim in in the future? Arizona? Nevada? Texas or Missouri? Maybe Paradise again. I can’t see you in CA again. We’re too liberal for you. Hope to see you soon now that you’re retired.

    • Jim says:

      There’s only one river, with many branches. And, I’m not quite retired yet, still on the road for a short while. And, you’re right about California, been there and done that stop on the river and it wasn’t good :-)

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