Tumor Gone

I’ve been watching a lump growing on Steph’s back for ten (or more) years. It started out small but finally it became just big, and painful. We shower together and wash each others backs so I’ve been very in tune with this thing. Today she had it removed.

We were out of our garage at 0500, arriving at the Surgical Center in Rexburg at 0600 and the tumor was gone by 0800. They said it was bigger than they thought but came out as a solid entity. Good…

She’s doing great and the tumor is being biopsied for malignancy, but 98 out of a 100 are not, so the odds are good. The bandage is waterproof and the stitches will dissolve away on their own. Medical science is pretty amazing now, yet you still won’t catch me going in their clinics, or popping their pills, but it worked for Steph today…

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