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Steph went through the TSA screening at SeaTac airport yesterday and was pulled aside for the whole treatment. She was felt up, scanned and whatever nonsense they perform during the full deal. I’m envious, I have a whole bunch of one-liners ready to quip at the dude that gets near my package, but I digress, especially since I don’t fly.

She was pulled aside because of the contents in her carry-on bag. They were apparently convinced she was a meth-head drug dealer. Multiple supervisors were called in as the search evolved. It became a big deal.

What they found were two big baggies stuffed with what appeared to be drug dispensers of some sort, along with a highly suspicious bottle of salts! To top it off there was jewelry in a baggie, Elvis CD’s, and a doll of The Dude himself, that smelled like cigarette smoke. Meth head!

Hey, they would be totally remiss if they let this chick board a plane with this kind of nonsense in her bag, without checking her out!

It turns out, and TSA finally accepted the fact, that Steph was returning from her moms memorial service and had put things in her bag that had both sentimental and practical purpose. The needle things are diabetic tools that she and her mom both used, of which Betty had a bunch of. The doll, jewelry and CD’s, just keepsakes of love, and the salt is our favorite that you can only get in Washington. The salt container was also opened and tested, wow… Steph said they rubbed test strips around her hands, feet and the lid of the salt container, running the strips through a diagnostic computer, and changing rubber gloves after each procedure.

Note to self, continue your commitment to never fly again…

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  1. Funny. Tonight’s news said the TSA missed over 90% of guns and contraband at airports across America when being tested by other government agents. Maybe they should have packed diabetic needles for blood testing and Elvis dolls.

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