I have a new first pickup of the morning north of Hatches Corner in Tetonia and this 0740 ride works out great. I pull up to the gate, the boys mom spots me, drives on out, and then walks her son on the bus. I don’t even have to leave my warm seat. I then backtrack to Hatches, wait ten minutes for any Com School kids to arrive, and then head South. When I arrive at the Driggs Elementary the boy is met by a teacher and walked off the bus and then I drive to Victor and drop the Com Kids off. Sweet!

Later on today I was fueling up at the Exxon and guess what rolled up on my right: The Number One! You see, around here the old (i.e. lower) license numbers are a coveted property. My co-worker Karens number is around 200 something and she was born and raised here. Stephs and mine are in the 20 thousands!

I ran into the nice old couple that owned this little Rav 4 in the store and got one of those great nods from the old guy, the kind you can only get around here. They had Teton Valley royalty written all over them. I’ll bet Karen knows them…

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