Five Letters

New five letter domain names suggestive of a real word are a rarity in the internet world as 2015 comes to an end, and my recent acquisition of has stirred up a ton of interest from the site hustlers of the world. I’m getting email, and phone calls directly to my cell, from shysters that want to create a website for me at that domain. I suspect they have an algorithm that searches for new short domain names.

This begs the question, why would I buy a domain name without having the html5, css3, jquery and php chops to build a functional site myself and be capable of implementing it on the Bluehost servers that present my work to the world from Utah?

I suppose there are idiots out there that grab domain names and hope the world comes knocking on their door, and from what I see, the world will come knocking, but it would be really stupid, to answer…

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