Slick Roads

Our first major snowstorm of the season is going down today and like every first snow around here, the roads are really slick. I think it’s due to a grease buildup, but what do I know. Anyway, Targhee opens tomorrow and they must be smiling up there.

I’ve been listening to my scanner today and local dispatch called this one officer to respond to a rollover in the dry farms off Hwy 33 and he was pretty flustered having just cleared one scene and on his way to assist with a jack-knifed semi on Hwy 32. He asked dispatch for a description of the vehicle and she replied: “It’s a vehicle that’s rolled over.” Sorry, but I laughed out loud. (I already knew there were no injuries…)

I’m home now, hunkered down in the warm comfort of my man cave office, still listening to the drama unfolding around me. We have a major accident going on now just north of Driggs and everyone is on the scene. The fire department is extricating…

Wrecks are happening all over the place now, mostly vehicles sliding into the ditch. The statement by the dispatcher just now summed the latest incident up: “I’ll have somebody respond, as soon as somebody clears“, and then I heard her sigh…

I realize how relatively less complicated and stressful my job is compared to our first responders. Other than driving in dangerous conditions the only thing that stressed me out today was closing the door too early on a little munchkin. She was fine, but I beat myself up over it all the way home. Compared to what these folks undergo on a daily basis, I have no complaints. Now, where is my lap kitty?

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