Door Pull

Winter is here and the house is cold. Heat management is critical so sometimes innovative measures are called for. As the evening evolves I turn the base heater in my bedroom up, crank the electric blanket to about eight, and close the door so everything warms up.

When we go to bed (that would be me and the cat), Piper picks her spot and I conform my body around her. Sometimes her choice sucks so I scoop her ten pounds up in the middle of the night and plop her down somewhere out of the way, but I digress…

The real problem is that when she gets up to go potty or get a midnight snack she leaves the damn door open! So, I lay there thinking about all that precious heat flowing out the door into the rest of the cold house, and of course I get up and close it when she returns, which messes with my sleep state.

Here’s my latest version of the door pull system. I did this once before but it was down at floor level and this one goes high. I used gorilla tape and some soft little hair bands and I will find out tonight how it works.

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