I decided to play around with the RadioReference API today, of which I am a member thanks to a $15 charge to my PayPal. They possess a database of scanner frequencies around the world and supposedly allow you access to it if you are really a software developer, and they approve you.

Well, I am, so I just created a new website called (pronounced freak) and then requested an API key from this address. That was several hours ago and I’m still waiting for approval, spinning my wheels while trying to decide if I can do anything productive with their data.

I’m certainly spoiled by the big players, like Google, who grant API keys immediately. The best part about this little project so far is that my provider BlueHost only charged me $5.99 for the name. I took the core code from my latest project Symegry and whipped up a shell, that has no function yet, and it looks like this!

Six bucks for a domain name that’s good for a year, you can’t beat that…

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