Piper Scare

Piper insisted on being outside yesterday because it was a beautiful day. I knew I would be gone longer than normal so I left food and water out for her. When I got home, she bypassed the gravy food I’d set out and went straight to bed. I just figured she’d had a full day and was pooped.

She stayed there all evening which is unusual as she normally comes to my office for some playtime. She was in her bed (which sits at the foot of my bed) when I retired. I woke up in the middle of the night and scrunched down to her, falling back asleep with my hand on her butt.

She didn’t get up with me and then I knew something was wrong. I had to get to work but I returned early morning to check on her. She was still in bed so I carried her to her food but she just walked on by and plopped down on the family room floor.

You know, it’s an interesting thing that I refuse to spend a dime on my own health care but I didn’t hesitate a second scooping her up and taking her to the vet hospital. I dropped her off and then continued my route.

The vet called and said she had a temperature of 105 and he wanted to do blood work. I spent all afternoon fearing the worst with tears welling up occasionally and I realized how much I care for my baby cat! She’s been my partner these last few months, bonding together night after snowy night.

I got the diagnosis at the end of the day: blood looked good! She has a bladder infection and after antibiotic and steroid injections the prognosis is good and the vet said she should be returning to normal. She’s in bed now. I’ll be giving her some oral stuff twice a day for a while. I am very relieved to say the least.

But what caused it? I think I may have figured it out! When I brought her food and water in I noticed the water looked funky, kind of dirty and oily and I thought what the hell! Some animal had messed with her water, and I think it was a bird. Because she was out there longer then normal she was thirsty and drank her water anyway.

Lesson learned. The birds don’t have my sympathy this summer. I have a cat.

And a gun…

Next morning update: She’s much better, wants to go outside (I’m not letting her…) and unhappy with me for squirting pink stuff down her throat with an eyedropper :-)

Friday update: She’s relapsed and I took her back for blood work. She got a big shot of stronger antibiotics, and got hydrated. Back tomorrow morning. The vet also scrapped my bird theory saying cats eat birds and there’s nothing there to harm them. Which means she has something viral going on.

She’s sleeping soundly in her bed, on the floor, because Steph is finally coming to bed, tonight.

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