Due to a 7.0 magnitude earthquake on the Grand Valley Fault between Madison and Teton counties today, Homeland Security directed our buses to evacuate Basin High School, our alternative school here.

We took the kids to a Red Cross base established at the fair grounds. You know what the worst part was? Mike and I got no lunch! And I realize now, I work for the government.

I know that my employer is federally funded but the fact that the government can tell us what to do, whenever they want, just kind of blows my mind a little…

Anyway, the whole thing was a simulation, part of a statewide emergency preparedness exercise. There was supposed to be some fake blood but I didn’t see any.

Mike is our new Safety and Training guy who drove up with a bus from Idaho Falls to help out. We were supposed to get lunch as part of the deal. I ended up buying him a burger at the new Basin Burgers place, where the old Burger King used to be. Not bad…

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