Baja Fish Tacos

My sister and I had lunch today at the new Tex-Mex place, Fuego Grill. It’s in the building where Miso Hungry used to be. K-Dawg and I were going to have the fish tacos there for lunch a while back, but she took off on a little break.

Meanwhile, Sis tells me that she and her kids had the tacos recently and they were Great! So, we chowed down on them today, and yes they are terrific.

So is the place and the rest of the menu. It filled up to capacity while we ate. Next on my agenda here is the Chimichanga. It’s true that for a restaurant to succeed they need great food at a reasonable price. Fuego succeeds.

The Fuego Grill: (Fuego means Fire in Spanish)

Here’s an article from the Valley Citizen. Here’s their Website. Here’s their Facebook.

They also serve breakfast on the weekend from 9 to 2. Hmmm…

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