Sixty Nine

Tomorrow I will be two years away from what researchers identify as the second happiest time of your life: 69. It’s supposedly a time when you’ve gotten past all of your old regrets and I guess you’re just finally content with yourself. I have to admit it has been one of my favorite numbers…

The first happiest year of your life is 23. I honestly can’t tell you exactly what I was doing at that age but it is my lucky number and 69 is a triple. Extrapolating, 46 should be a somewhat happy age and at the time I was raising a young Riley and I was happy.

So what does this all mean? I’m a numerologist so it should mean a lot! I believe that numbers guide our destiny so if these researchers have it right, my life is going to peak in two years.

But, here’s the kicker. I just got this information live from the Sunday TV edition of ABC Nightly News. I went looking on their website for links backing up this claim and found none, which leads me to believe that this was just a fluff piece made up by somebody in their newsroom to fill a couple of minutes. Why do I watch these idiots?

Anyway, despite the stupid source, I’m rolling with it. Sixty Nine, Yeah!!!

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  1. What a wonderful number that is. Oh did I say that was my age now. I don’t know that it’s the happiest time of my life , but I can say I have had lots of fun getting to be this age. It’s the next sixty nine years I wonder about.

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