Cheesie Scrambies

Your laugh for the day: “Comprehensive immigration reform would significantly reduce our deficit, expand economic growth, and raise wages.”  Jay Carney – July 19, 2013

Your synesthesia test for the day: So which image is Kiki and which is Bouba?

Our day: After breakfast (an event where Steph put some cheesie on her scrambies) we mosied over the big mountain and hung out in Jackson, WY.

I wheeled Ms Betty around town in the borrowed W/C (thank you Carol Stratton :-) and grabbed the obligatory antler arch shot. We finished the trip by returning via the Palisades Reservoir with a great lunch near Swan Valley.


With Benjamin Franklin

Getting friendly with Benjamin…

Either a very big elk or a very small girl!
btw: There is no correct answer but 95% named the jagged shape Kiki :-)

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  1. Betty says:

    Love the test and the pictures are great. The antlers oh my they are fantastic and so many of them (four different arches). It was a great tour. Thank you Jim and Steph for a great time. Great lunch Jim you made me a great salad. What a nice way to spend Sunday.

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