Alta To Home

Shot this today driving back from breakfast on the hill.

Later on, I shot this quick video of Piper on the driveway:

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  1. Great drive, there isn’t a drop of snow anywhere in the valley.
    It looks like you beat the crowd going to breakfast this morning.
    Your video camera is working great. Great quality!!!

  2. Nice country. I was looking at some of your other stuff. I didn’t know you were a Dr Who fan, or do you just like the name Piper, I saw the plane in one pic.

  3. It is nice country Rod! You guys need to get out here. The spare bedroom is back as I hauled all of Steph’s craft stuff to the dump last weekend. (Just trying to elicit a comment… ;-)

    As to Piper, that was the name given to her when she was rescued at one week old and bottle fed by a girl named Megan. I’m a firm believer in given names, I never even thought about changing her name. I have given her a nickname though: Pipes.

  4. It will be good to have you back, Karen is a great driver, good and kind, but it will be good to have you home.

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