Easter Brunch

I drove up to Grand Targhee this morning for Easter Brunch. I also thought I’d run into George, who’s a server up there. I first saw him in the Valley a few months ago, riding smack dab in the middle of the southbound lane of Hwy 33 on a fat tire snow bike. You don’t see many black guys in the valley, much less pulling that trick.

He ended up riding on my bus to Victor a couple of times, so I got know him. He’s a very interesting guy. This morning he was my waiter!

The Branding Iron opened at 0900, I had a reservation and I was there at 0855. I loitered around and watched George vacuum.
Grabbed a window seat…
This was round one, I really came for the crabcake bennies.
Second round…

There was lots of other food there, but this did my lightweight stomach in. Oh, and my friend Karen mentioned me in her Blog last Wednesday.

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