Landing Spot

As the years go by I find myself wondering if my current life is the final landing spot, the place I grow old and die. Something inside me says I don’t know. I have a pretty good deal going on, a nice home, a good woman, a sweet cat and a job that lets me take the summers off and travel. I’m also blasting my arteries out every morning with a fruit smoothie from hell that may actually let me live a few years longer.

The question remains, is this where I choose to die and is this not the question we should all be asking ourselves? We should be able to sit in the rocking chair on our front porch and be content that this is the place.

I’ve made friends here and people respect me. A lot of people in this valley have trusted me to transport their kids safely over the years, and I have without fail. I think most of them would come to my funeral and say nice things.

But, is this what life is about? Finding a place to die with integrity? Or, should we be living our life towards the ultimate destiny that satisfies our soul?

(A little sketch I made tonight…)

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  1. Your sister is there, family, but I like CA with it’s warmly wet winter than an icy, snowy one. Got to take into consideration the cost of living in an area. California is almost unaffordable to live in. Grant has 20 acres with water in the desert outside of Kingman, AZ, off Route 66. It’s an alternative that we’ve talked about, but Petaluma is pretty nice. Sounds like you’ve been getting a wanderlust? Or, looking for something?

  2. To quote Matthew McConaughey’s character David Wooderson in Dazed and Confused when he pulled up next to the redhead in her car:

    “alright, alright, alright”!

  3. Are you happy where you are? Can you make a good living? Are you content in what you are doing? Do you feel safe where you are? If so live, love and be happy.

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