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Man, it’s about time! I heard about the Teton GeoTourism Center and City Center Plaza (also known as the Teton Scenic Byway Visitors Center) when we first moved here nine years ago. Teton Valley is part of the Greater Yellowstone Scenic Byway and as such received a federal grant to build this thing but political and personal bickering just kept it from happening.

The building’s purpose is to provide a tourist stop promoting the Valley and Yellowstone Park along with 24 hour restrooms, and it’s finally being built!

Their mission: To create a geotourism visitor’s center, representing the unique life and lifestyle along the Teton Scenic Byway, providing museum-quality exhibits that educate, entertain and inform all ages. Our goals include: preserving our history, sharing our rich culture, enhancing visitor experiences along the Byway, sustaining our natural assets, offering educational opportunities, serving as a community gathering place, and contributing to a thriving economy.

It should be done just in time for Summer :-)

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  1. Ya this one worked some of your post just kicks me off. I hate it when I’ve written a great reply post to comment and it kicks me of the page. But any ways that is going to be a great addition to your valley.

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