Ants Down

Last Saturday I was soaking up some rays at the top of the driveway when the ants came. Half red, half black and big. They were coming up the driveway with the intent of invading the house. Steph had already discovered their fortress in the field across the street so we sprung into action.

I poured a bunch of pure undiluted weed killer in the crack between the driveway and the garage while Steph ran to town for some ant killer from Ace Hardware. It worked, the ants came up to the crack and stopped. When Steph returned I walked over to the ant hill and doused it with white ant killing powder.

I don’t like killing anything. I smashed a baby mouse with a shovel a few years ago and I still feel bad. I leave the killing to Steph (10 mice from the snow last week) but this time I’m sure a lot of ants died at my hand and a major shift in the force has occurred.

Oh well, problem solved…

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