Alki Beach

Riley and I went to Alki Beach in West Seattle today. The original plan was to take the Water Taxi but I wanted to show Tomi and Jill off so we trucked it to the beach under GPS guidance. Tomi took us the back way and I was very pleased with her!

The place was crazy and crowded which was as to be expected on a perfect August Saturday. We cruised the beach and had a pricey lunch at Dukes.

The first photos in this set were shot under full zoom, on tripod, from the Alki shoreline. Not bad for a point and shoot :-) That bowl of stuff at the end was the exotic lobster chowder I’d already dug into.

Here’s a video we created later on down at Saltwater State Park:

SlideShow (Alki Beach)
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  1. Love the video :-) Great pictures of the buildings. Makes me miss the Seattle area. Got to Love the Puget Sound. I’m glad you are having fun on this trip…

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