Seattle Sunday

Riley and Jessica drove the old man to Seattle today for some fun, food and fotos. It was great to be a passenger as opposed to being the driver, and the back seat of their new KIA ain’t a bad place to approach the city.

We hit the market first along with the crafts sprawl that extends down from Pike Place in the summer. An elevator dropped us down to the waterfront where we had lunch next to the new Ferris Wheel.

I trimmed 210 shots down to 40 and created a photoset which you can view by clicking on the photo below, or just dive into the SlideShow.

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  1. Beautiful pictures, they bring back wonderful memories. It’s just like being there. Thanks for sharing your great day. :-)

  2. Some really nice pictures you took. Sounds like your son and his wife showed you a real good time. I’m so glad because you showed Tori and me a real good time while we where at your home. Hope you enjoy your trip down the coast.

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