We share our space with multidimensional entities that sometimes present themselves as demons, and I met one back in the early seventies on the second floor of an apartment on College Avenue in Berkeley California. Religious folks refer to them as devils and have invented rituals known as exorcisms to chase them off. The truth is, you have to kick their ass on an individual level to gain multidimensional respect, and then they leave you alone.

I was taking a nap one afternoon in the back bedroom of an apartment I shared with a couple of friends. I was slowly waking up and I heard my friends talking in the living room, when I was suddenly attacked.

There has been much written about that space between asleep and awake. It’s a place where dimensions can connect, it may just be a soft good morning wish from a loved one on the other side or it could be so much more. That particular afternoon a small black demon tried to kill me.

The experience was so bizarre, a dark entity about four feet tall was attacking me and I started screaming and defending myself but my friends never heard me. I had shifted into a dimension where I was still here but fighting for my life there. The battle raged for a good minute and I ultimately won (obviously), but I’ve never forgotten it and it changed the way I view what we call life!

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  1. What a story. So glad you won the battle, And thank you for a very enjoyable trip home. I hope Riley enjoys you as much as Tori and I did. Have a safe trip home.

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