Blue Braid

Betty, Tori and I pulled out of our driveway at 0200 this morning. My truck was loaded down with the girls luggage, Tori’s games, Betty’s walker, my camping equipment, a large cooler full of sandwiches with drinks and enough padding for the little one in the back area to win an egg dropping contest.

I had serious concerns about the mountain passes but we flew over them easily. Fourteen and a half hours later with some fun adventures along the way we rolled into Betty’s driveway and were greeted by the clan. People delivered, truck lightened and as I camp out in Betty’s back forty now, my poor body is still vibrating.

What’s all this got to do with the blue braid Wendy grew out of the back of her head with her own hair that she just shared with me? Everything…

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  1. Beautiful post Jim. We had a great trip thanks to you. One emergency pit stop and what a spot you picked. Could it have been better? (no.) Thanks again. You are like a ghost, got up at 6:20 and you was gone. Have a fantastic trip.

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