Tori’s Triumph

I got back from my little road trip this morning and spotted those training wheels on Tori’s bike as I pulled into the garage. Aha! Today’s project.

One of life’s moments that I most regret missing was Riley’s first bike ride. I was there for most of his firsts but my friend Dave’s son filled in for me because I was in California writing code. Apologies to Tori’s mom and dad but today we went riding!

I removed her training wheels and lowered the seat. I taught her to keep her hands on the edge of the handle bars and start her peddling with a primed right foot. She quickly learned that her long legs could catch her if she lost balance. We went into my office and watched YouTube videos of young kids riding for the first time without training wheels. I think it gave her the confidence to keep on peddling without bailing.

After several assisted ups and down our driveway I got her out into the road. The first video here shows Tori taking off from our garage, biking out to Ski Hill road, and returning to the garage. Sorry about the wind noise, but the girl is riding! The second video, well, she’s riding and riding…

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  1. Life will never be the same for Tori’s mom. Next she (Tori) will be wanting to drive the car (lol). She’s had her first experience with the wheel and the freedom of movement. Here’s a trivia question for you.

    What state is 75% owned by the U.S. Government?

  2. How did you teach her to ride backwards? That is really an achievement. Can you teach me to ride that way. For Skoge, Tori just told me yesterday she could drive a car now cause she can go so fast. Go figure. Some peoples children are to big for their britches. She’s only 7 give me a brake.

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