I took the clan over to St. Anthony this morning for their big parade. I’ve been pimping Tori all week about the fact that a couple of local radio personalities (Neal Larson and Cala Curtis from 590 KID) were going to be in the parade and if we yelled out the secret word dolphin they would throw out a bunch more candy then normal.

Tori made her presence known to our neighbors at the parade and told them the secret word, at which they nodded approval. I had to explain to them later what it was all about and when the 590 parade entry arrived everyone in our spot started yelling “Dolphin”!

Neal and Cala broke into big smiles and suddenly candy was flying out of Neal’s hands fast and furiously as he drove his van by us. The folks around us had to wonder what the hell was going on :-) It was the highlight of the parade!

Unfortunately, I was having so much fun I forgot to photograph the event but I did grab some shots of the parade.

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  1. Great story Jim. A lot better than mine. The pictures are great. Thanks a lot for the event. Those were some great floats. The exit was great too. I think we must have been one of the first out of town. Thanks again had a ball.

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