Little Camus

I heard on the radio today that Little Camus Reservoir, east of Boise, is being drained for irrigation. Yea, I’ve never heard of it either but the Idaho Fish and Game has opened it up for unlimited fishing for licensed fishermen. Actually they opened it up in May so hopefully the place still has fish.

I’ve just finished up a tough week as the TRPTA intercity driver (ok, two days this week, but hey, I’m out of shape :-) and I’m ready for my next adventure. Tomorrow I’m taking the house clan to the St Anthony parade and then I’m off to Little Camus on Sunday for some fishing and camping. I’ve had Boise on my mind as my next destination so a little fishing followed with some off season college town time sounds good!

I’m taking Route 20 out of Idaho Falls straight across the flatland of Idaho (I assume it’s flat…) through the Craters of the Moon national monument. Here’s my route.

The only issue I have is what to do with any fish I catch…


  1. Gut them, scale them and put ’em on a barbecue and then eat ’em! (Or wrap them in foil and put them in the fire.)

  2. Or, give them to a fellow fisherman before I head to a downtown Boise motel for a couple of days. Yea, what an outdoors guy this Idaho boy is :-)

  3. Clean those puppies put them on dry ice bring them home and we’ll have a fish fry. I love a fish fry. That well be some nice eating. That’s when you invite friends over. You just catch them and get them here.

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