Vegas Notes 3

I feel like Chevy Chase without the wife and kids. How the hell did I end up here? It started out as a one day layover on the way to a Grand Canyon train ride with Sis and Steph. We bailed on that after figuring gas would be at $5 now.

Meanwhile, Riley and Jessica decided to meet us here for a day while going to Phoenix. So I decided a week in Vegas without the girlfriend, who has no paid vacation and would lose a lot of needed payroll content, was a good idea.

Hey, it’s still cool! Riley and Jess are coming in this afternoon for three nights. I love my boy and can’t wait to see his reaction to this crazy city. No idea what we’re going to do…

Yesterday I walked from the Circus to the Excalibur, where the kids are staying. My GPS told me that at 2.4 mph walking speed it took me 1 hour to go the 3 miles. That didn’t count all the damn bridges you have to go over because the underlying intersections are pedestrian killers. Hmmm, I live in a county that has only one stop light…

The Deuce bus brought me back. ($7 for a 24 hour pass).

Today I walked the opposite direction, towards the old downtown. It was the land of infinite Bail Bond places and Wedding Chapels. It was about the same distance, but this time I was wondering about my legs giving out and the prospect of flagging down a cab, having him lift me into his ride and take me back to the Circus. At which point I would need to rent crutches to get me to my room. Fortunately, I’m still walking, only because I spent another $7 and took the Duece back.

These legs of mine better hold up because we’ve got 3 NIGHTS of Vegas fun to look forward to.

Update, just got an email from Riley:

Leaving a bit late dad. . . Be there later then thought, call if you get a chance. . . Might have service.


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