Vegas Notes 2

This morning I was in search of a more “upscale” breakfast so I hobbled (my legs are tired) over to the decadent opulence of the Wynn Resort. This is quite the joint! Four story ceilings and marbled floors with Madonna purring out soft porn hip hop with a strong back beat over a sound system that follows you everywhere.

I strolled across a casino floor as big as a football field in search of the Terrace Point Cafe. I was out of breath when I arrived but they seated me quickly at the counter. The cute waitress offered me a Bloody Mary before she set the menu down. I declined.

Ok, pretty upscale place. I was torn between the $16 Corned Beef Hash and the $23 Maine Lobster Benedict. I ordered the hash, not because I’m cheap, I just like hash. It was then that I asked my first of many stupid questions today, “You guys make your own hash?”. I always ask this. She said “Of course, it is the Wynn after all”. I knew then that I was in a special place…

The food arrived in a hot black skillet. Two eggs over easy lying gracefully over potatoes and strings of red tasty hash. The bread was served in a basket wrapped up in a napkin to keep it warm. The water had a straw.

It was pretty good, and filling. The waitress asked me if I was coming back for lunch. I said “No, maybe dinner…” and she said “The only way you would see me for dinner is if we had dinner together, the Cafe closes at 3”.

My jaw must have dropped an inch and all I could do was smile at her. Us old guys do rule, but we don’t get openings like that very often. If I was looking I would have called her hand in a heartbeat. I’m still smiling as I sit in my little room writing this and Madonna is still purring inside my head.

Love you Steph!

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