Vegas Notes 1

I always thought that Memorial Day was all about eating, right? I had breakfast yesterday and barely remember it. So today, eat!

Started out with the breakfast buffet here at the Circus. Good, didn’t eat a ton, just a standard breakfast with fruit for dessert.

Then about noon I got a craving for a hamburger and potato salad so I headed down the Strip. I’m thinking that maybe I’ll get a private invite to a high-roller barbeque on the roof of the Mirage just because I’m wearing my “Old Guys Rule” shirt and I’m ruggedly handsome.

A while later, still hungry, I happened upon an authentic Mexican taco joint. Close, right? The place was full of Spanish speaking tourists who were treating the main server guy like some sort of God. I said I wanted a pork taco and everyone applauded. I guess I made the right choice. He said, “Try this” and he scraped some meat off a big barbeque pig mounted on a big stick, and put it in a small taco with other good stuff. As it’s going in my mouth and my thumb goes up, the place burst into applause again. I paid for the $2.00 taco and took it outside to eat in the sun. If I hadn’t gotten sauce on my shirt I would have gone back for more.

Back in my room now, wondering what’s next, and moving on to the next shirt.

Happy Memorial Day my friends!

And kudos to the Vets.

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