Dog House

Diesel is Riley and Jess’s big dog. They’re currently wrapping up the construction of a backyard kennel for this very cool guy. I met him on the last trip to Kent, WA. and he’s a great dog. A new fence is being built, along with the dog house.

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Blog Links

I’ve added a new category to the right sidebar, called Links. These are new functions related to this blog. I also dropped Photos from the menu, since it’s now redundant.

Here are the current Links:

• Photos: This is a new, stand-alone app, built upon the previous Photos menu option. It’s improved in that the set names are alphabetic by column, not by row.

• Random Post: This link goes to a random post within this blog, every time you click it. It’s fun! I notice my current style has changed from my earlier posts, with bigger images.

So, please try out these new links, and leave a comment if you have questions. More links will be created as time moves on, and I stay alive…

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Tree Up

The new tree is up. It was left behind at one of my sisters rental properties, by some folks in a hurry to get out of town.

Very nice, and expertly decorated by the crafty miss birthday girl Steph. It still needs a top decoration, but that’s why god made dollar stores.

And yes, I know we live in the Rockies surrounded by real trees, but this was free.

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Magic Wand

Riley’s got a great job. They lay a mangled wreck in his lap, and tell him to fix it.

So what’s he do? He lounges around the shop for two weeks, smoking cigars, drinking whiskey, and surfing the internet for old Jeeps to fix up, and sell.

When the deadline arrives, he uses his Magic Wand and Presto! On top of that, they pay him a bunch of money to do this.  Sweet :-)

Update: Just got off the phone with Riley, and he was saying this should have been a total. The technical things he had to go through to get this car back to spec, are amazing. It seems to me like it’s harder than creating the car in the first place. And, no cigars or booze consumed. Very proud of my boy, he took a hit on this one…

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