Piper Gate

Guess who’s back, and laying at my feet. This cat story is getting stranger by the hour.

I can’t say I’m sorry she’s back, I did miss her. But, Steph and I had made a conscious decision to be non pet owners here. We have kids, we have grandkids, we’ve contributed to society! Yet we also return to an empty house when the other is not there. The Cat offered another dimension to our quiet, private little space.

Anyway, here’s the story: Megan, the girl that actually owns the cat, called me today and we chatted about Piper. Megan is from North Carolina (that’s what her cell phone says) and she’s living up the road in Tetonia in a place that doesn’t allow pets. Piper was staying at her sisters house in my neighborhood until August, at which point Megan was moving here to Driggs, and reclaiming the cat.

Megan then told me that Piper had run away again, and she might be heading my way. She also said that food was the driving force for her cat. Ya think? All Piper did while she was here was Eat and Sleep! (with a lot of relieving along the way…)

Sure enough, Piper was at the door when I came home on a break, and I let her in. We embraced, and she licked my hand with her sandpaper tongue. Then she started looking for food. Problem is, we gave all the food we had to Megan’s sister, who came and got her the other day. (Update: Steph just went to town for cat food…)

Megan asked me if we would like to share cat-sitting services with her sister, who lives up the road, and can’t seem to contain the cat, since we are so fond of her. Ahhh, you have to admire the boldness of this younger generation…

I kinda told her no, but if an emergency ever occurred, we’re here.

Anyway, she was supposed to be here to get Piper at 1530 and it’s now 1900.


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