Fat Cat

Well, it looks like the Sweet Cat is home. I put a sign out at the subdivision entrance asking if anybody had lost a cat. No calls…

I’m actually growing fond of her, even if she does nothing but eat and sleep. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a cat, but this one is really lazy, and a little crazy. I let her outside for a minute and all she did was plop under a tree while the Robin’s screeched.

I came up with a name for her, Bandy, you know, like abandoned… Problem is, I keep calling her Widget.

Also, can anybody tell me how much food to give this cat? She’s eating dry food and seems happy with it. Lots of it!

And I’m not sure if she’s pregnant or fixed. Steph set up an appointment with the local vet to check her out, but we postponed it pending results from the sign.

Update: Taking the sign down…

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