Magpies 101

I remember when I first drove into this county six years ago, I was struck by the beauty of the Magpie that makes it’s home here year round. I have since come to learn that they are really smart, and they’re first cousins to the Ravens that also spend the winter here, both being members of the Corvidae family.

I now strongly dislike them. A bunch of them nest in the large trees of our back forty, and they are the mortal enemy of the Robin families that live within our 58 trees. Over the years they have raided our nests, taking out entire families.

I came out one morning last year and found a momma dead on the ground next to our driveway, and her babies were gone. I would say good morning to her as I headed to work. She had no fear of me, and fought to her death against the Magpies.

Today we saw four adult Robins chasing a Magpie out of the yard. It worked. I went out to the big trees with a loaded pellet gun, and they must have seen me coming, because they were out of there.

Here’s our endless backyard, big trees on the left:

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