I’m fascinated by the old document I found last week. Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

  • The language of the document is Danish.
  • Latter-day Saints in Denmark were the first to translate the Book of Mormon into their native tongue, in 1851 (…by Erastus Snow and Peter Olsen Hansen).
  • 64 years later the document is printed in Cedar Rapids, Iowa in April, 1915 and ends up as insulation in the attic of a Mormon family’s cabin in Teton County, Idaho.
  • The property where the cabin sits is owned by an oil and gas producer named Helm Energy out of Englewood, CO.
  • Here’s a shot of the cabin taken with my Bing Map app:
  • Here’s the Helm Energy info gathered from the Teton County GIS system:

Steph used to work for Teton County Title and she’s going to call in some favors next week and get this property and it’s previous owners, nailed. I’ll keep you informed… :-)

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